Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Just A Little Update

I just wanted to stop by really quickly and let everyone know that I still do not have internet at my home, so that's why reviews/giveaway/interviews have been few and far between these past couple of months.  I really hope everything will be getting on track soon, so don't forget about us!  We're still stocking up on our reviews and still reading the heck out of good (and some bad) books.

I recently got everything set up for myself at the public library in the town that I live in now, so I should be online more (at the library this very moment) and getting some things done and some posts made.  I've tried scheduling my posts automatically a couple of times now so that you guys don't have to miss out on reviews and interviews, but for some reason that nifty little thing never seems to work right for me.  (Any tips?)

Until next time lovely readers,


  1. Make sure you click "done" to close the scheduled date and time of post, then click "Publish" to complete, which will put it in queue to be published when you chose. :-)

  2. I thought I had done that originally, but I might not have. I'll try that and see if it will work for me then. Let's hope! I won't be doing anything today as I just got off work and made a quick trip to the library before going home, but I'm off tomorrow, so I may make a little trip with just this in mind.

    Thanks so much for the tip!