Sunday, December 18, 2011

News & Info: 500 Follower Feedback Polls

In our recent 500 Follower Giveaway (which went amazing!) we had an optional entry for you guys, in which you could give us a little feedback about the blog.  We asked what you guys thought of it and if you had any suggestions in making it better.

We received a lot of information from our readers and we really take everything you said seriously.  Since we received so much, we have created a few polls for you guys so that we can learn what you like and don't like before we begin making changes.  So below are some of the topics we received responses about.

A few of you said that the font was hard to read because of the colors, while a few others said that you actually liked it and it was easy to read.
So what do you think?

We have already made the change to a larger font.  I (Darcus) wondered in the past if the font was too small, but decided to wait until something was said by a reader before I changed it.  Quite a few of you said that the font was too small to read.  
But we would still like to know your thoughts on the current font size.

Just like the font colors, the blogs color scheme got a lot of comments.  Quite a few of you said you really liked it, but there were some that said it was too dark or that it made things hard to find.  One person even said it was depressing.  So let us know what you think.

We hold quite a few giveaways on Starcrossed, but a couple people said that we didn't have enough.  We were also told that we don't have enough features, which we sort of agree with, but lack ideas at the moment.  So let us know what you think and if you have any ideas on giveaways or features that could make the blog better for YOU.

We also received a lot of good comments from you guys.  Here are some of the things we got great feedback on:
  • Reviews
  • About Us Posts
  • Layout/Design (you said it was very organized and pretty)
  • The Books We Review
  • Giveaways (that we participate in a lot of hops & include INT residents)
  • Authors We Host

We want to thank everyone that participated in our 500 Follower Giveaway and gave us ideas/feedback for the blog.  The two winners have been chosen and replied, so you guys should be receiving your prizes.


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