Friday, July 1, 2011

Scary Novels

There are numerous "horror" novels out there, but a lot of time when we crack open the cover (and usually get under the covers) to read them, they're "horror", they're just not...scary.  So I am on a quest to find truly scary books.  I am a lover of all things horror, gory, and scary.  I grew up on horror movies instead of cartoons and still to this day my husband gets aggravated at me because whenever we pick out a movie, I automatically head straight to the horror section (a section he's not a big fan of).  So not a lot of books or movies scare me now.

But I have a job for you readers!  Have you ever read a book that literally SCARED you?  If you have, please let me know!  Not only am I doing this for my own personal interest, but I'm planning on using this books for something for Starcrossed later on this year.

So if you've read a book, no matter what genre, age group, etc. that literally scared the crap out of you, then please, PLEASE (yup, I'm begging), either leave a comment or email me at mysticsandmoonbeams (at) hotmail (dot) com with the title and author of the book or books.

(Also, please not that this is my personal email.  So please put HORROR NOVEL in the subject line, otherwise it may very well end up in the trash.)


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